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Affordable Housing

Heartland Heights

Every year about 10% of the Club for Boys members are homeless; another 60% are at risk of being homeless. Families of members report on family assessments that affordable housing is one of their greatest needs.  For this reason, the Club has entered into a partnership with Lloyd Companies of Sioux Falls, to build affordable housing in Rapid City.  The Club’s first project is Heartland Heights.

The over-arching impact of Heartland Heights is to improve access to affordable housing in our community. Heartland Heights consists of two buildings, located at 427 DeGeest Drive, that offer 82 affordable rental housing units to Rapid City, with a total capacity of 370 residents. Eligibility is open to local families with incomes at 30-60% of AMI, (about $19,000-$38,000 annual income).  Heartland Heights is located near Valley View Elementary and East Middle School.  Club members are bussed to the Club each day from these two schools.

Club members’ families who wish to be considered for Heartland Heights should go to the family services page and complete the form for assistance or just call Stephanie Pangburn at 605-343-3500.

How the Project Came to Be:

Heartland Heights was developed as a way of addressing the need for affordable Rapid City housing. The Rapid City Housing Market Study of July 2022 (published by the RC Strategic Housing Coalition) estimated that a total of 2,500 new rental units will be needed over the next 10 years for those with incomes below the AMI; 458 new rental units will be needed for those with 31-50% AMI. The housing is equal opportunity and open to all in the community. Club families benefit as they are kept informed about rental opportunities at Heartland Heights, receive assistance (including transportation) in applying for housing and are recommended to the management company.

Heartland Heights I, the first building in the complex, was completed in May 2022 and is occupied with a waiting list. Heartland Heights II is the second 41-unit apartment building directly across the parking lot and was completed in August 2023. The apartments are 1-3 bedrooms with washing machines and dryers included in each unit. Currently, the rental prices range from $427-$795 for a 1-bedroom, $513-$950 for a 2-bedroom and $790-$1100 for a 3-bedroom. All these prices include utilities and the actual rent is based on income.

The Club is the first non-profit in western South Dakota to enter an affordable housing project of this type. This experience should encourage and make it easier for other non-profits to go forward with such projects. Ultimately, our families and our community will be stronger for the effort.

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