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Volunteer at The Club for Boys

We are so excited that you are interested in pursuing a volunteer opportunity with The Club for Boys! You can make a difference in the lives of the 1,200+ members that we serve on a yearly basis.

The Club for Boys offers a wide variety of volunteer positions based on our programs and the unlimited possibilities geared towards the interests and talents of our boys and volunteers. While we always have volunteer opportunities related specifically to our program, we are open to new ideas.

Are you interested in joining our volunteer team? With each volunteer, we ask that the volunteer fills out the application form and comes in for a tour to make sure that this is the right fit for you. You will receive a tour and will meet key players based on the volunteer opportunity you are interested in. Once a background check is complete, we will schedule an orientation and training so you are ready for your first day.

Choose from a variety of Rapid City volunteer opportunities listed below that fit your schedule and passion so that you can serve our members to the best of your ability.

For more information on how to get involved, please reach out to our Volunteer and Event Coordinator.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities

Family Nights Volunteer

Help families connect by lending a hand during our monthly Family Nights! Each month during school year programming, the Club hosts Family Night, where members and their families are invited for an evening of dinner, activities, and games with the chance to win prizes.

Games Room Volunteer

Leads games and contests, plays carpetball, pool, air hockey, and other activities with our members.

Sports League Volunteer

We are looking for coaches and referees for our Fall and Spring Leagues: Flag Football and Basketball.

Outdoor Program Volunteer

All year The Club’s outdoor program goes on field trips and takes our boys on adventures in the Black Hills. Looking for volunteers who want to assist with these adventures.

STEM / Shop Volunteer

Opportunities include computer programming volunteer / woodworking volunteer / engineering volunteer / arts and crafts volunteer.

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Christmas Tree Project Volunteer

The Club for Boys is always in need of volunteer groups to help with setup, tear down, restocking, decorating, and tagging our Christmas trees on our tree lot.

Special Events Volunteer

The Club for Boys is always looking for good volunteers that can help with some of our fundraising special events. Some of these include our Corporate Free Throw Challenge, Hooked on Hardwater, and Raffle. If you like volunteering for set up, decorations, games and raffles this is the volunteer opportunity for you. 

Volunteer Recognition Opportunities

Volunteer Banquet

All volunteers who log time during the past year are invited to our annual Volunteer banquet. During this event, we serve our volunteers and award certificates for their work.

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