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Welcome to The Club for Boys

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Making a Positive Impact For Our Boys

Since opening in 1963, The Club for Boys in Rapid City, SD, has fulfilled the needs of boys in our community through quality youth programs and guidance in a caring, safe, and fun environment.

Over the years, the Club has grown in both size and program offerings to continue to meet the evolving needs of our members. While the Club has expanded significantly over the last 60 years, our boys can still rely on the Club for consistency and encouragement as they develop into outstanding young men.

We Are Committed to Helping All Boys Meet Their Needs Today So They Can Fulfill Their Potential Tomorrow:

Every Boy Deserves A Chance To Succeed.

Our programs are built on the needs of our boys, from ages 6-17, no matter who they are or where they come from.


43% lived at or below the federal poverty guidelines.


71% were in households that meet USDA poverty guidelines for free and reduced meals.


38% were being raised by a single parent, 10% were being raised by a relative other than a parent, and 2% were in foster care.


9% were homeless sometime during the year, and at least 13% had a parent or close family member incarcerated.

Our Staff Averages 9 Years at The Club For Boys.

A familiar, friendly face and reliable mentorship are crucial for the success of our boys, and our committed staff provide the much-needed consistency that allows them to thrive. Our staff regularly attend training and seminars to further develop their skills and gain the tools needed to better serve the ever-changing needs of our boys.

Want to Become a Member?

At only $12 a year, you can join hundreds of other boys at The Club for Boys!
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