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Ages 6 - 9

The Clubhouse/Cave aka Younger Boys Room is not just a mini-games room. It is a smaller, safe, creative setting for our young members. It provides Games Room activities with fairer competition and focuses on the developmental characteristics of our 8–9-year-old members. This room provides a “special” place for these members and prepares them for other areas of the Club.

We engage members with a variety of activities such as free play, contests and tournaments, Wii, movie days, and more. When the weather is nice, the boys enjoy going outside to play basketball, water play, scooters, sandbox, and other outdoor activities.

Aims and Objectives of our Clubhouse/Cave Program:

  • Provides activities that help develop hand-eye coordination, balance, and encourage creative play,
    • Action Figures
    • Role Playing
    • Car Building
  • Encourages the development of social skills and friendships through cooperative and friendly competition.
    • 1-on-1 Basketball
    • 4 Square
    • Carpetball
  • Teach skills and rules of games to the level of development for 8–9-year olds.
  • Provides games and toys suitable to their mental and physical development.
    • Legos
    • Building Blocks
  • Teach Club values of sportsmanship, sharing, and compassion.
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