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Fund A Need

Fund a Need is a fundraising event held each September that was created to help meet the growing needs of The Club for Boys. All proceeds raised during the event benefit programming for over 1,200 Club members.
Over the years, the Club has continued to keep membership dues at only $12 a year so that attendance is affordable for all boys. However, the real annual cost of membership for each boy is $2,600. To fill the gap, help from generous donors throughout our community is needed.

Support The Club for Boys in continuing to develop programs that address the needs in our community, and, more importantly, the needs of our members, by participating in Fund A Need. In addition to collecting monetary donations throughout the duration of the fundraiser, the Club also hosts a special social event where donors can learn about the exciting programs and happy moments taking place at the Club.

Request Family Services Assistance

This year’s The Club for Boys Fund A Need Social Event takes place every fall at Hart Ranch Golf Club.
To learn more contact Chantel at [email protected].
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