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Ages 10 - 12

Not quite teenagers, but no longer young boys, the Hideout Program provides fun and exciting activities for our preteen boys that keep them engages while learning important skills. These skills include building relationships with others, life skills, taking care of things, and learning other valuable life skills. Boys participate in a wide variety of activities such as board games, STEM activities, Legos, video games, and more. Clubs in the Hideout include Yoga and Photography.

Aims and Objectives of our Hideout Program:

  • Provides programs designed specifically to the needs of our preteen boys.
  • Provides guidance and education that will prepare them for the Older Boys Program.
  • Provides programs that foster independence, creativity and self-directed activity.
  • Provides programs that enhance general life skills and transitioning to adulthood.
  • Provides programs that foster leadership activities related to their specific age development.
  • Services