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Get Outdoors at The Club for Boys!

The Outdoor Program provides boys the chance to experience the Rapid City community, the beautiful Black Hills, and all that nature has to offer. Boys participate in activities like fishing, hiking, biking, archery, and many other trips throughout the Hills. We also have a Club for Boys Cabin that boys get to go and spend the night. The Outdoor Program teaches our boys real-world skills, such as hunter safety, survival skills, and how to respect nature.

Aims and Objectives of the Outdoor Program:

Outdoor Programs

Open To All Ages
Mickelson Trail Ride • Outdoor Education • Archery
Canoeing • Survival Skills
Hunter Safety • Hiking • Fishing

Trips and Outings Procedures

The purpose of trips and outings is to give Club members an opportunity to have small group and educational experiences outside the Club itself.

To be fair to all Club members, the following procedures are followed for all regular field trips and outings:

Boys are allowed to go on a first come– first served basis. Those who hand their permission slips in first have the first opportunity.
Permission slips are available from the staff member in charge of the outing.

Boys who have not gone on a trip or outing will have priority over boys who have, regardless of when the permission slip is handed in. This is to ensure that boys who are not here first each day still have an opportunity to participate. In such cases, the last member to turn in a permission slip that has already gone will not be allowed to go.

Parents may give verbal permission or put more than one boy on a permission slip with the understanding that those boys will be able to attend if space is available.

Club Garden

The Club maintains an on-site garden that teaches boys valuable skills that they will use for a lifetime, gives them the opportunity to have fun with their peers, and provides them with the satisfaction of growing fruits and vegetables for the Club.

Hooked on Hardwater

Each year in February, the Club hosts Hooked on Hardwater, an event that pairs boys with an ice fishing professional for a day of bonding on the ice. The event not only offers the boys the chance to learn new skills, but it also provides boys the opportunity for quality one-on-one time with a positive role model.

The Dave Oyler Cabin

Over 25 years ago, two generous donors gifted the Club with a Black Hills cabin where our boys can get closer to nature and make lasting memories.
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