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Ages 12 - 17

The Club for Boys offers Older Boys After Hours to provide boys 12 – 17 a safe, fun environment to hang out with friends, play games, and connect with their peers.

When boys become teenagers, their interests turn towards more mature subjects. Oftentimes, boys will become more involved with extra-curricular activities, jobs, and relationships. These boys start to identify themselves more as young men than children. It is during this period that many Club members attend less frequently, often resulting in increased risk for juvenile delinquency. In doing so, they tend to test values and rules, want to disassociate themselves from younger boys, and seek adventure and new experiences.
As our boys move from the main Club for Boys building to the Erickson Building, our Den program provides specifically designed programs that help boys take the step to being independent and to continue to have fun with Club programming. The Older Boys Program provides specifically designed programs that teach out teens important life skills needed in the real world.

Additional Information:

  • Junior Retailers – gain work experience and career skills at the Club and Thrift Store
  • School of Beats
  • Brothers of BBQ – aka B.O.B.
  • Community Volunteerism
  • Cooking Class
  • Financial Literacy
  • Basketball, Football, and Kickball Leagues
  • Career Exploration
  • Services