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Arts & Crafts Program

Welcome to the Arts & Crafts Center!

The Shop is so much more than glitter and puffy paint. Boys participate in a wide variety of art forms like painting with different mediums, drawing in different styles, coloring different types of pictures, and building out of different materials. As boys are in the Shop doing arts and crafts (STEAM), they also are learning about art and its real-world applications. Boys will also get the opportunity to experience some of these real-world applications through field trips. In addition to providing the constructive use of resources (time and materials), the Shop – aka the Arts and Crafts Program.

Aims and Objectives of Our Shop Program

  • To satisfy the desire of boys to “make things.”
  • Experience the satisfaction being creative, of expressing oneself, and feeling a sense of accomplishment.
  • Develop knowledge and appreciation of safety, design, use of color, and workmanship.
  • Experience using and sharing equipment with others.
  • Develop lasting hobbies and interests.
  • Discover and develop a variety of interests, skills, and means as part of vocational exploration.
  • Demonstrate and assume leadership responsibilities.
  • Develop an appreciation and respect for the value of property, as well as the concept that effort and acquired skills have financial and personal value.
  • Creating items for show or sale, such as:
    • Christmas Tree Project
    • Christmas Gifts
    • Seasonal Items
  • A sense of commerce as it relates to the community.

Arts & Craft Programs

Open To All Ages
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