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Programs & Activities By Age

All programs at The Club for Boys were designed to help our members improve social and life skills, increase knowledge, gain self-confidence, and develop the habits needed for healthy mental and physical growth.

Our staff members are professionally trained to provide the proper guidance needed in each of our programs.

Ages 6-17

Life Skills

STEM Activities


Creative Play

Sports & Games



Activites For All Ages (6-17):

Programs By Age:

The Clubhouse / Cave

Ages 6-9 Years

The Clubhouse / Cave Program is designed for our active and quickly growing group of boys. We engage them with a variety of activities such as carpet ball, Nerf Gun wars, Wii, movies, free play, and many more contests and tournaments. When the weather is nice, the boys enjoy going outside to play basketball, water guns, scooters, sandbox, and other outdoor activities.

The Hideout

Ages 10-12 Years

Not quite teenagers, but no longer young boys, the Hideout Program provides fun and exciting activities for our preteen boys that keep them engaged while learning important skills. These skills include building relationships with others, taking care of things, and learning other valuable life skills. Boys participate in a wide variety of activities such as board games, Legos, video games, and more. Clubs in the Hideout include Yoga and Photography.

The Den

Ages 12-17 Years

As our boys move from the main Club for Boys building to the Erickson Building, the Older Boys Program provides specifically designed programs that help the boys take the step to be independent and to continue to have fun with Club for Boys programming. Our middle and high schoolers participate in activities like basketball and football leagues, financial literacy, EFNEP Cooking Class, and STEM activities.

As our boys grow into young men, the Older Boys Program provides specifically designed programs that teach our teens important life skills needed for the real world. Our Older Boys participate in activities like video games, basketball and football leagues, Older Boys Council, and Career Smarts job training including STEM activities and community engagement.

Every March, all Boy
of the Areas and Boys of the Months are invited to our annual Honor Boy
Banquet. At the banquet, a Boy of the Year is selected, announced, and honored.
This boy epitomizes the values of being what all members should strive to be.

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