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The Club for Boys History Timeline


The first Boys Club was in the old Train Depot on Eighth Street, and opened on November 23, 1963. The depot quickly became overcrowded and Roger Erickson, first Executive Director, began fundraising to build a new building. The Boys Club moved into a new building on the corner of Sixth and St. Louis Streets in 1965 and continued to grow in numbers, staff, and programs each year.


The Boys Club was forced to move again after the June 9, 1972 flood. Although the building was not damaged in the flood, it was located in the newly designated flood plain. The Club temporarily moved into the old Rice Cycle building on Omaha Street while materials from the old Boys Club were used in the construction of the new building. The Club moved into its present location at 320 North Fourth Street in 1976. A building expansion was completed in 2000 adding 13,000 square feet of space for the Clubs’ growing membership.


In the mid-1980s, the Clubs’ national organization, the Boys’ Club of America, became the Boys and Girls Club of America. By that time Rapid City had an established and thriving Girls Club. So the Boys Club of Rapid City withdrew its membership from the national organization and a few years later, the Club officially changed its name to the Rapid City Club for Boys.


The Club for Boys remodeled our current location adding a Younger Boys Athletic Program and increased the size of our cafeteria and kitchen for our Nutrition Program. This expansion included a space for a needed age specific program.


The Club for Boys remodeled the Erickson Building (previously the Thrift Store) and created a teen space and covered sport court.


Although the Club for Boys has been in four different locations since 1963, no matter where it opened its doors, it was always busy. The Club fulfills many needs in the lives of the boys in the community and has been a consistent, positive influence on the lives of over 40,000 different boys through the years.

The Club For Boys Code

I will show my love for God in the way I treat my family, friends and fellow members.
I will show respect for our flag and our country which has given me my freedom.
I will show my gratitude for our Club by displaying fair play,
honesty, sportsmanship and respect for the staff, Club equipment and my fellow members in all that I do.
I will show kindness to others and will expect them to show kindness to me.
I understand my membership depends on my ability to live up to this code.

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