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Corporate Free Throw Challenge

Here is the 2024 Corporate Free Throw Challenge Scorecard. Thank you to all the businesses and individuals that participated this year. Congratulations to all division winners and our overall winning team - Scheels Pros.

We can’t shoot hoops, but we want to help!

If your company is unable to participate, please consider sponsoring a Club for Boys team to shoot for your company.

100% of the proceeds goes to The Club for Boys and our Athletic Program.

Join our annual Corporate Free Throw Challenge to see how many free throws your team can make for a chance to win a traveling trophy while supporting The Club for Boys. The challenge is open to everyone and is comprised of teams of 5 taking their shot on the court.

2025 Corporate Free Throw Challenge Information

March 24 – March 28, 2025, Monday – Friday – 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, The Club for Boys Gymnasium

We want to shoot hoops!
Teams consist of five free throw shooters. Each person will shoot 25 free throws, plus one bonus round of 25 free throws. The lowest of the 6 scores is eliminated. Complimentary lunch served each day.

Buy your tickets today!

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