Thrift Store Donations

Good for the community, Good for the Boys, Good for the Earth, and Good for a Tax Deduction.

  • Hooray for stuff! We rely daily on clean, gently used items coming into the Thrift Store from donors like you. This is how we obtain merchandise to sell and make money to support services for the boys at the Club. We also help our customers save money by buying great merchandise!

  • Our talented staff looks forward to showcasing your donated items to get maximum return for the Club for Boys. Your donations raise dollars that stay right here in the community.

Donation Times

Monday - Saturday

9:00am - 1:00pm

Individual Donations

Check closets, cupboards, and storage areas for items no longer in use. We can sell just about everything, except:

Broken or incomplete items.

Cracked or broken glassware of dishes.

Clothes that are soiled, spotted, torn or have missing buttons and/or zippers.

Business Donations

The Thrift Store gladly accepts donations from businesses. Items we can use include:

Returned merchandise

Slow-moving merchandise.

Discontinued/slightly damaged merchandise.

Out of season merchandise.

Donation Tips

By following these simple tips, your local organization can get the most from your donation:

TIP #1:If you plan on donating to your local organizations, you can help by first sorting through your items and donating only the items that you would still use yourself or would give to a friend or family member.  Broken, torn, soiled, or dated items should be thrown away.

TIP #2:It is suggested that you call ahead for current drop-off times.  It can be very frustrating to load up your truck and drive across town to find out the organization has run out of room for the day or stopped taking donations 30 minutes ago.

TIP #3:If you plan to have your items picked up, call ahead as times are limited and are usually booked a week or more out.

TIP #4: Please do not leave donations outside after hours.  Donations are usually ruined by the weather or rummaged through by others, causing the organization to spend money for the disposal of these items.

Pick Ups

The Thrift Store will pick up donations for the store within city limits. Please call 605-341-8878 for an appointment.

We pick up for free.