Today, endowment is viewed as a critical funding source for all not-for-profit institutions. An endowment fund is a sum of money permanently invested. The income generated by the investment is used to support the Club’s ongoing operations and activities.  If the Club should face financial disaster, the principal may be spent by 2/3 majority vote of the Foundation's board of directors.

For donors, the benefits of endowment are equally compelling – an opportunity to provide a permanent legacy benefiting the institution for many years to come. These gifts create an opportunity to share in an institution’s future success by specifically targeting one’s donation to fill a specific need, benefit a program, or provide a base of general operating support through an unrestricted gift.

Learn more about our endowment objectives and find out more about the many "Ways of Giving” through which you can support the Club for Boys.


Expand the Club's efforts to impact boys

  • Increased participation has created an urgent need for more well-trained staff in our gyms, library and games room as well as in our outdoor, nutrition and arts and crafts programs.
  • Each week the Club receives pleas from parents to increase transportation services from more than the three schools currently served.
  • Opening the Club on Saturdays is critical to the well-being of some of our boys.

Strengthen individual services to boys

  • The Club provides guidance, resources and support for all families. For those most in need, especially boys that are homeless, the Club offers donations of clothing, food and other household items. An uncertain economy means an increase in the number of boys needing these resources.
  • Each boy at the Club is important to us. Staff know the boys and the troubles that may be impacting their behavior at the Club and in the outside world. More staff is needed to work with boys one-on-one in the areas of conflict resolution and overcoming physical and emotional challenges.

Address the well-being and health of boys

  • Mental health counseling is a must for some of our boys. Group counseling on issues such as anger management and substance abuse prevention are other pressing needs.
  • Dental care, eye exams and general physical well-being assessments are urgent concerns. The Club plans to expand its partnership with existing organizations and services for the improved health of boys.

Institute a life skills program

  • Our older boys, ages 12-17, are most at risk for getting into serious trouble. The Club envisions working with older boys on skills they can use throughout their life, such as seeking employment, managing money, promoting healthy cooking, personal hygiene, sexual responsibility and multi-cultural awareness.

Fortify existing programs

  • The Club for Boys has nearly half a century of experience in developing fun and interesting programs for boys. From sports to homework help to outdoor campouts, these programs have been treasured by generations of Club members. This endowment campaign offers the opportunity to ensure the future of these tried and true programs.

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